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Feed the Frontline

GoFundMe from Kelson Financial

Our goal was to provide as many meals as possible for as long as we have the funds. Unfortunately, we have exhausted our GoFundMe funding of $20,000, Kelson’s budget for 100 meals/week and Johnny’s energy (LaSalle Drive IN).

On behalf of Kelson Financial, special thanks to all the people who organized the campaign and to everyone who contributed to our GoFundMe campaign. 

We want to thank our partners, Johnny at Lasalle Drive-in for providing & delivering food, special T-shirts and hats “Meals 4 Front Liners” and always smiling, Tracey at 3Soeurs for her delicious salads & Jake at Midday Squares. It's been a pleasure partnering with you all.

It has been a real blessing and we will continue to help wherever we can. We take a lot of comfort in knowing that bigger organizations have stepped in to help everyone during these difficult times. We are happy we could be make things happen so fast and help lead the way.

To all the workers and everyone doing the hard work, stay safe, we love you & thanks so much!


 Glenn, Sonny and Everyone at Kelson